PandaFeet shoes are handmade from soft premium quality leather.

The leather is breathable, durable, comfortable and it allows natural movement and growth.
The shoes have non-slip soft suede soles. PandaFeet shoes are ideal for learning to walk on any floor.
Elasticated ankles ensure the shoes stay on their feet, fit well and are easy to put on.

The leather used in PandaFeet shoes does not contain any harmful chemicals or toxins. All PandaFeet shoes are made to pass all European Union safety and toxicity standards.

PandaFeet shoes are made of 100% genuine leather.


Shoe Inner Length

EU Size

0-6 Months 10,5cm 17-18
6-12 Months 12cm 19-20
12-18 Months 13,5cm 20-22
18-24 Months 14,5cm 22-23
2-3 Years 15,5cm 23-25
3-4 Years 16,5cm 25-27
4-5 Years 17,5cm 27-28
5-6 Years 18,5cm 28-30